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I love to garden!

Things I love? Gardening. I believe when I am gardening I actually raise my vibration. For me it is like a meditation, I am so lost in myself and the earth that I seem to be at one with everything. I just love it. I have identified that what I really, really love about gardening is making the garden, constructing it. Here are my before and after shots of my plot at a community garden in Sydney’s Inner West I had a few years ago. What joy!



Messages from the heart

IMG_7730I keep the cards people give me, for a time. Here are some of the messages, written from their hearts, inside some of those cards. If you are ever in need of inspiration as what to write to someone maybe you may find some inspiration here. It seems natural to wish someone joy!

A warm hug and thank you for you – the way you are with me – lots of energy, laughter and joy! Love xx

Celebrating your birthday is a truly significant event. My gifts for you at this lovely springtime birthday is to be ever so content with the wonderful person you are. Your beauty and inner beauty shows through often. Your creativity is already gifted and bearing fruits but allow it to pour forth even more. Lots of love x

Have a wonderful year full of creativity and adventure. xx

Happy birthday. Thank you for all the joy you have given us. Love you. x

IMG_7747I wish you much love, light, joy and peace and I hope the Christ healing energy is very present to you this ‘Christ’ Mass. Lots of love. Lovely having you in my life. xx

May this year be joyful and happy. May your Soul sing through your creative hands. May your loving heart shine through in all that you do.

May the year ahead be filled with inspiration, ease and well being. xx

Thinking of you and wishing you a very merry Christmas and good health and happiness for the year ahead. Love x

This card is special. Special in that we can express our love for you, but also to affirm that each phase in our lives is special, for the new discoveries and challenges and the changes that it brings! Enjoy them all! And have a lovely birthday and know that you are special and much loved. xx (This one is from my Mum and Dad)

Wishing you a very happy Christmas and New Year. May you always be enfolded in love, light and happiness. Take care of yourself and I hope the year ahead will be a very enjoyable and exciting year for you. Love xx

Wishing you all the blessings of a happy and restful Christmas and New Year filled with creativity, love and grace. With love.

Wishing you happiness, abundance, good health and a full-filling year ahead.

Wishing you a fun, restful and heart filled Christmas and New Year. May the year ahead be filled with many blessings and moments of grace. Love and light. x

Wishing you the best birthday ever and good health and happiness for the future. Love xx

Wishing you every happiness as you celebrate your birthday surrounded by all who love you. May you continue to receive love, light, deep peace in all you do.

Wishing you a very happy birthday and the coming into this special time of your life when your wisdom and your true self are fully able to emerge. May the Angels continue to guide your footsteps. May you continue to shine in all that you do.

Wishing you every happiness this festive season and may the year ahead be filled with joy, love and peace for you and your family. Thank you for your year of love and friendship and long may it continue! Much love. x

Many blessings to you this Christmas and new year season. May the year ahead be filled with new opportunities, fun and time to heal. Love and light. x

Tears of joy

collage of cardsThey crept up on me this morning, these tears of joy. I didn’t plan it of course but there they were. Lovely, light tears of something akin to happiness, but something that was even more than happiness – it was joy. It came about as I was going through the cards that good friends had given me over the last ten years or so, with the intention of cutting off the bits of the cards that I could use in some collage artworks (my next art venture!)  and then ‘let them go’, as they say.

I had re read about seven or eight of these beautiful cards and then I found myself saving one, then another, then another. Something was happening. Why couldn’t I let them go? It came to me what a precious gift I had been given through those cards – the affirmations of love, the kind words, the thanks, the appreciation. On the front of one card it said ‘Joy to the World’, in others I was wished joy. I decided to read them all and to keep them all.

When I came to the last item in the box, it was a copy of a speech a dear friend made at a major birthday party for me (you know the ones – the ones with an 0 on them). In that speech my friend told my story and sang my praises. It was two typed pages long! She concluded with talking about my ‘exuberance for life and passion for living’.

But what was it that brought me to tears? All those messages within the cards and then that speech. It just all welled up and over flowed for a brief few seconds and it was lovely. I had been seen and I knew it.

This experience of joy was one where I felt held, uplifted and full of joy. It wasn’t a big belly laugh joy (which I love!), but a quiet, sneak up on you type of joy.

So what is the recipe for joy here? For me it is three things.

One – To keep those cards and re-read them every now and again.

Two – To tune in to the energy of the heart behind the words and feel that love

Three – To remember this when I am writing a message on a card for someone next time. I never know, they might put them in a box and keep them for a few years too!

And as one woman always writes at the end of her sweet, sweet messages to me,