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I saw the shape of the air

The shape of the air 21:12:13I was up early this morning. Tea and toast sitting on my favourite cane chair outside the back door. A welcome cool, fresh breeze. Welcome because yesterday and last night were so hot. Watching the red crepe ribbons I had fashioned into the trees. A nod to Christmas in the backyard. A quick and easy little festive touch for our small drinks occasion last night.

As I watched the red ribbons fluttering in the breeze it came to me Continue reading

Taylor’s birthday

TaylorNoticing ideas can be the first step in progress towards a greater level of awareness about how the Universe supports us, positively. Every now and again I take notice of ideas that pop into my head, especially when I have asked for help in making a decision on something.

One such instance happened recently when I was thinking about what a little group of us could do to celebrate our friend Taylor’s milestone birthday with her. I kept getting, ‘the tea room, the tea room’. So off I went to see The Tea Room at the Queen Victoria Building in Sydney and it was perfect. A booking was made, food sensitivities advised and the fabulous velvet chairs requested!

It was a beautiful and happy morning tea. Fine bone IMG_3292china, silver teapots and cutlery – very ooh la la. Such a treat. I was in my element. Tea with friends is one of my most favourite pastimes – because it is a prelude to a conversation, about sharing. About giving and receiving. About something joyful. However, I imagine that if I had not listened to the thoughts in my head about the tea room, another venue would have been found, but the thing is, I did listen and it was just right – so there is the gladness.

There were four of us for tea that morning. Four friends. We chatted away about what we were ‘up to’, stuffed ourselves silly with the delicious delicacies (in as much of a ladylike way as we could) and drank buckets of tea. We had heaps of fun and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves.

Photo - Jane Lynch

Photo – Jane Lynch

Planning and partaking of this morning tea reminded me of something very important – do what gives me pleasure more often.

It started me on the process of thinking about activities which I really enjoy that I have not done in a while – go on a ferry ride and at the end of it find a cafe and have a cup of tea – sit under a favourite beautiful tree in the biggest park we have here in Sydney, a tree near the duck pond – and when I am home alone put on some music and ‘dance my feet off’.

When I do these things I am lighthearted and happy. I have fun and they lead to pleasure and yes, joy.