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Take my heart…

Floral heart © Leanne Serra 2014Heart of Flowers, Leanne Serra 2014

When I first started blogging a couple of years ago I simply wanted to write my stories and share them and a blog seemed a good way to do this. It has transitioned into helping you recognise yourself for who you are. Why would you be bothered with such a thing? It is as simple as this:
– when you know who you are, you can value yourself. As against – if you have no idea of who you are, what is there you can claim to value? For example, if you recognise that you are creative and then you claim that part of you, you can value your creativity.
– the extension of this is – when you have something about yourself you value, and you share that with others, life is sweeter, you are uplifted and happier and there is an incredible amount of joy, all round, from that sharing. It is a little joy of sharing ‘story’.

This work about self discovery is all about the heart, love, things unseen, higher order things. When my niece sent me her image of a heart of flowers she made with flowers she found around her suburb, I had to use it. And I popped into this post two images of mine I had been wanting to share for a while.

Sun in Transit of Venus June 2012 © Ruth Howard 2012This is my photograph of the last Transit of Venus* of the 21st century, taken in Sydney, Australia on 5th June 2012. A transit of Venus is when Venus, second planet from the Sun, passes directly between the Sun and the Earth becoming visible against the solar disc. These transits are among the rarest of predictable astronomical phenomena occurring in a pattern that repeats every 243 years. The next one is 10-11 December 2017. The last one was 1882. So it is RARE! I find the story of this photo amazing for two reasons. One, why was it I who was shown this image – I, the one, with camera always at hand – did not anyone else see it? And two, why a heart, why not just a round blob? Could it be anything to do with the fact that at the core of the work I am starting to do in the world is the heart’s love? Could it? 
*Venus is the Roman Goddess of love, beauty, sex, fertility and prosperity.

Heart March 2011 © Ruth Howard 2011One of my ‘full moon drawings’, which is actually a photograph. I have been photographing the full moon since 2007 and this is the first one I have ever published. Couldn’t help but turn that great, big, beaming orb of moonlight into a heart!


Let’s have some fun!


Ok, today we are going to have some fun.
Name one thing you like to do that’s fun.
Have you done it recently? Good on you if you have.
I like to dance. Have I done it recently?

IMG_8885However I did have a lot of fun on Australia Day this year. I organised a breakfast in a local waterfront park with seven good buddies. I love the ritual of meals with friends so I went all out on January 26 this year and polished the silver, ironed the linen, got out my best cups, saucers and plates, had an urn of hot water, teapots, everyone brought yummy food, read Banjo Paterson’s poems and we all had a wonderful morning.

For me, getting together with friends over a meal and having a chat lifts me. I love it. So I try to do it a lot. I certainly do it more than I go out dancing. My form of dancing at the moment consists of kicking off my shoes, putting on favourite music and dancing around the lounge room when my husband is not home. However I have not done a lot of that lately.

Here’s a great YouTube video that I play over and over because I love the dancing as well as the song. Slowly this video is seeping into my being the specific message that I am in fact this happy, this joyous and that I can indeed bring sunshine, and love.

In my Seven Gardens of Self Discovery I would place Things I Love – such as, dancing and meals with friends, in the Garden of Expression. I might also want to put that particular plant in the Garden of Uniqueness. The trick for me is to work out how I will nourish the ‘dancing’ plant a bit more so it will blossom and grow, so I will blossom and grow. I need an action plan to make it happen. I think I need to take some action here or this part of me may die, like a plant that I do not water. This really is ‘discovery’ territory for me.

Now your turn. What do you love to do?  What is something that really makes your heart sing and soar?  I challenge you to at least close your eyes now and think about it. You don’t need permission to go and do what you love, just decide to and have a go. Can you come up with an action plan and declare it?
In which of the Seven Gardens do you want to put the things you love?
What does your intuition tell you, even though I have not told you much about these Gardens?

Don’t forget to watch the video. It will bring sunshine to your life today.

Image of Joan Crawford, 1930’s publicity photo. Source and copyright: This work is in the public domain in that it was published in the United States between 1923 and 1977 without a copyright notice.
Image of picnic table, copyright Ruth Howard 2014
YouTube video is in the public domain

A path to walk on – can you make one?

IMG_5150A few days ago the discussion over a cuppa with my husband centered around him saying, “In life we have to make our own path to walk on through the forest. However, and it is a big however, the important thing in making that path is we have to know what is in the forest”.

The truth of what he was sharing was we have to know about what is ‘out there’ in order to make our path in life. What is good for us. What is not so good for us.

This set me thinking about how we can navigate our way through and the analogy I will use is that of making a garden. When I make a garden I take the plot of ground and set about constructing, planting and learning to understand all about it. Then I make decisions.  What plants do I want along the way? Where will I put them? What is good for me in the garden and what don’t I want in the garden?

Whether you are in the garden or the forest, give it your assistance by having a peek at what you do and don’t want. By having a sense of what is good for you and what is not so good for you. There is a lovely little exercise about it here.

That way you come to understand yourself more.