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Dreaming of Ohio

1181px-Ohio_in_United_States.svgWhat do you do when you want proof that God is all knowing, all loving and all supporting? Seems impossible to find a way to prove that doesn’t it?

I was in a situation recently where my mind really ‘put it out there’ that I wanted to know God was helping me and I wanted proof of it. Why? Because it was a family situation and I wanted done with old energies which did not serve me. It was one of the greatest opportunities I would ever have to let go of my mind and live from the heart/the Oneness/the Unknown.  That is, to completely let go of control and to trust in whatever outcome was going to happen was the one that was going to happen. ‘Thy will’, not my will. My mind, the one that plays tricks on me, wanted proof that this situation would be OK for me to invest this trust.  Despite the fact that I had no proof I made the commitment to trust anyway and come what may.

The night after I made that commitment I had a dream.

In my dream I was asked to point to the State of Ohio on a map of the USA. Ohio? I did not know where it was, so in my dream I asked myself what to do. The answer came that if I trusted in God, in the Oneness, in the Unknown – that I would be guided to the right answer. And if I got the answer right, here was proof of the God I trust. This was like a lucid dream – I was dreaming but also aware of me thinking about and responding to events in the dream.

I pointed to a place on the map and immediately in my dream it was filled in with red.

It was not until late the next day that I was able to Google the answer. There, coloured in red, in exactly the spot I had indicated in my dream, was the USA State of Ohio.

And its motto?

“With God, all things are possible” 
(Matthew, Chapter 19, verse 26)

OHIO-MOTTOHere is a new plant for the Garden of Commitment and I water it with a new found joy.