Annie and the Little White Flowers

Annie and the little white flowersAnnie had woken up early with things on her mind and was out of sorts. She didn’t know what it was that was disturbing her usual happy state of being, but there it was. She made herself a cup of tea and some toast with butter and honey and after she finished her breakfast she gently opened the back door and entered her small courtyard garden. It had been daylight for about twenty minutes and she loved her garden at this time of the day. It was so quiet and peaceful. She looked around at what she had spent so much time in over the years and without thinking she bent over and picked an exquisite, little, white flower from the bed closest to the back door.

The natural world, particularly anything to do with plants and trees, made Annie feel grounded and calm, and it was what she needed today. Something from the earth she could focus on that would take her mind off things. There were too many problems in the family that she couldn’t fix.

Annie was enjoying herself out in the garden, so she picked a few more flowers. She purposefully took her time in selecting each individual one and after she had been there for about three minutes she found she was not thinking with her mind anymore, she was so engrossed in the flowers. A little saying came to her, one that she heard on the television a long time ago, ‘You’ll feel better on the inside when you’re outside’. ‘I know its true’, she thought to herself. ‘I’ve just experienced it’.

She went back inside the house, found a suitable vase (the little blue one she inherited from her grandmother) and arranged the flowers in it. Then she placed the vase in a spot where she would see it all day, and that was in the centre of her dining table.

As the day went on she looked at those pretty, little, white flowers on the table and as she did she re-connected with the beautiful energy of nature, of life, of exuberance, all of the qualities that the flowers were showing her.

I’m beautiful
I’m open
I’m being me
I’m here right now
I’m with others just like me

And by the time her daughters and their families came to dinner that night she was much more at peace with herself and the world. She had settled down into her natural, normal, self. Preparing the meal had been easy and it was a lovely family get together. She was able to fully engage with and enjoy the grandchildren and even make a few jokes with the girls.

As she turned off the light in the dining room before she went to bed, she looked at the little white flowers in the blue vase back in their spot on the dining room table.

‘So simple’, she thought to herself, ‘What a tonic for my soul. I will try and remember to get out outside into nature much more often’.

2 thoughts on “Annie and the Little White Flowers

  1. Corinne Loxton

    Ruth, this story feels very familiar – I often pick flowers as a form of self care, affirmation and meditation. I love to have beautiful garden flowers in my home – far more than bought flowers and now I think I know why. The process you describe, of connecting with nature as a way of calming anxiety and becoming more grounded, is one that I love.

    Beautiful story, evocative and intimate, thank you.


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