Pullman And The Rental Cars

pullman 2Pullman rented the best car he could on his meagre wage from the sports store. It wasn’t unusual for him to do this. The last time was when he took his dear mother Agnes out for a whirl. She had a penchant for fast cars and yes, believe it or not, even faster women.

Agnes had discovered this about herself when Pullman and was twenty six and she was fifty. ‘A  new half century coming my way’, she said at the time and heck, did she prove everybody right!

But I digress. Pullman wanted to please his mother, see her happy. They had a fantastic relationship only he kept his girlfriends away from his Mum. Not that he didn’t trust his girlfriends, but really, when he was not yet ready to settle down himself, he just wasn’t going to go there. He quite frankly didn’t trust his Mum and the girls he went out with, well, maybe they were wanting a good time too.

Hence the car. Cars. The ladies loved them. This time it was a 1968 SL Mercedes classic sport car.  Cream, leather seats, two seater. Beautiful. And a joy to drive.

Even though he loved his rentals his own car was a Toyota Corolla – just a basic model to get him from A to B.

But when he hopped into that rental his world changed – and he came alive!.

Dad had been a motor mechanic and instilled in him his love of cars – but the nice, expensive ones. He’d take his boy to all the car shows and occasional races and they bonded in this way for many years. Sadly, his Dad passed away from a heart attack at fifty-nine.

Then Agnes let fly. She was ‘out’ and he just had to accept it – and he did. He loved his Mum.

Anyway, today was different. He was on his own and he knew this was the last time he was going to do this – rent a fancy car and take it for a spin.

Last spring he went to Thailand and there he saw poverty like he had never seen it before. So the money for his jolly jaunts was going to go to a girls orphanage in Thailand instead. He felt good about it – very good. Maybe he might spend more time over there anyway. He’d get work and nothing would change except he would be there, not here.

As he drove the car back into the rental depot he was surprised to find his mother waiting for him and with her was a ‘little princess’ – the most beautiful girl he had ever seen. He fell in love at first sight.

But this was Mum’s girl. What was he to do?

He did nothing. He went for coffee with them and wished them all the best on their journey together. They were obviously in love.

And he went home and cried. The next day he quit his job and left for places unknown. And his mother never saw him again.

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