Someone gave them the money

hPink apricot closed centre croppedWritten by Ruth Howard – founder of The Joy Story

When I write one of these stories I connect with an energy that is bigger than myself. I know I am ‘given’ stories and I believe the reason for that is because I am asked to share them with you. However, there is one ingredient in my stories that each of them has –  and that is my heart. When I think I have finished a story I read it out aloud to myself and if I don’t connect to the energy of it so much that I get a tear or two in my eye, then I sit with it a bit longer. I wrote the story below a week ago and while it touched me I did not follow my usual process. I felt I had a lovely story, but I did not have that tear.  If only I had waited a few more days the universe would have had time to do its job and bring me the energy from my heart space that I needed for this story to be really ‘full’, the one that I cannot not put down on paper. The universe would have had time to arrange for me to have yet another experience of a story where ‘someone gave them the money’. Only this time it would be personal.

Very early yesterday morning as we were coming home from our morning walk, my husband and I were approached by a young man. He was standing on a corner outside a block of flats and looked a little worse for wear. He told us he had locked himself out of his flat the night before and his mobile was playing up and he could not ring out on it. He had spent the night on someone’s couch. As we did not have our phones with us we walked home, got them, and went back looking for him. We found him and using my phone he rang his landlord and we heard him leave a message for the landlord to come and help him, with his master key. My heart went out to this young man. He looked like he needed a shower and a coffee so I offered him both. He accepted and in the next half hour we learnt a lot about him. I trusted that this experience was for a reason. I did not question it – it simply flowed. After he thanked us and was about to leave, I gave him some money so he could get something to eat. I knew he did not have any money on him and he promised to return my gift, and I think he will. In that moment I did not care if I never saw that money ever again.

My original post is about two stories where large amounts of money were given. Those who gave did not want the money returned.

The first story was told to me by a friend when I bumped into him in the main  street of the little village where we both live. Two days later the second story was told to me by a friend when we were having lunch together.

imagesHere is the first story.
A few years ago the owner of the shop near where my friend and I were standing was having trouble keeping the shop open as sales were not covering costs. Many shops in our area had closed as they could not successfully trade in the ongoing difficult economic climate.  However, I remember this shop had been ‘open for business’ for at least two decades. My friend told me that someone who knew the merits, character and history of the shop and shop owner told the shop owner they wanted to give them money to help keep the shop trading, so it would not close and be a loss to the community or indeed to the shop owner.

I said to my friend, “That’s a story for my blog because that’s love intervening. And he said, ‘Yes, I suppose it is’.

My friend concluded the story by telling me that the shopkeeper accepted the money and when the shop returned to a healthy selling situation, they gave all the money back, even though the person who gave it, didn’t want or expect it.

IMG_0343And here is the second story.
I was having lunch with another friend and she told me about an environmental group she belongs to who was given $1,000,000 (one million dollars) by a philanthropist to help their cause. The group was trying to save a beautiful natural site from developers and with the help of this money, it was saved.

That too is love intervening to change the direction of, in this case, many, many lives as the site now remains in a natural state for the use of the wider community. And, of course, it saved the lives of the native flora and fauna which has lived on the site forever.

I think both stories exemplify love. It is not romantic love, it is not love of cake or a football team. It is a love rising from wishing all creatures, big and small, including us, to be well.

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