There’s nothing quite like a mother’s love

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Written by Ruth Howard – founder of The Joy Story

There’s nothing quite like a mother’s love.

On the night of Friday March 6, 2015 just near Salt Lake City in Utah, USA, Lynn Groesbeck, 25, of Springville, was driving home from her parent’s house when, for a reason unknown, she veered off the roadway and into the Spanish Fork River.  The car came to rest upside down, partially submerged, in the river and, as is shown to be true later, Lynn is killed instantly. In the backseat of the car, strapped into her baby capsule, is Lynn’s 18 month old baby girl, Lily. The water rushing into the car is just below Lily’s head.

Because the car could not be seen by the cement barriers on the road, it is another 14 hours before the car is spotted – by a fisherman. Rescuers arrive and begin a routine rescue of the car. Later, the four rescuers tell that they heard desperate pleas for help coming from the woman inside the car, calling out, ‘Help me, help us! and this spurred them on to greatly intensify their efforts.

They find the woman dead. They also find the baby girl, unconscious, strapped into her car seat. She had been hanging upside down for 14 hours as icy water flowed through the car. She had survived without food or water in frigid temperatures. They remove her from the car and she is taken to hospital where she is reunited with her father and reportedly makes a full recovery.

The four rescuers tried to work out how they heard the mother’s voice – yet she had passed away so much earlier. They all heard it. They couldn’t explain it, but they all heard it.

As I said, there’s nothing quite like  a mother’s love.

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